Belinda Campbell
                                                                                      The Makeup Artist
My artistry began long before I picked up a makeup brush.  It began with my father teaching me photography as a child. I first learned by using his camera before he bought me my own camera.  I keep that interest going by taking various art and photography classes from middle school to college.  

During my freshman year in college I experienced my first fashion show as a model where I had to purchase and apply my own makeup.  Later as a model, co- coordinator and sponsor of the fashion show I made sure the other student and faculty models knew the importance of looking good on the runway.  During this time is when I learned color theory and to match foundations. I also learned more about lighting and how it affects makeup on the runway and in photos.   

Makeup and the fashion world took a backseat to the IT world after receiving my Bachelors in Computer Information Systems but my love for makeup still grew. While unemployed in 2008 I began to explore other options and the first thing I thought of was makeup. I picked up my makeup brushes and began doing fashion shows again but this time as a freelance makeup artist. 

My love of doing makeup has grown and so has my artistry.  I am very client driven and strive to improve constantly in all aspects of my makeup artistry.  I believe in education first and then experience combined with the right tools and products. 
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